For the past six years, we have had the extreme pleasure of working with Dr. Llewelyn Cornelius, Director of the Center of Social Justice, Human & Civil Rights at the University of Georgia. Together we have provided programming and events that empower the residents of Glynn and McIntosh counties to become more active in their communities socially, environmentally, and civically.

The City of Brunswick has changed over the years, but more dramatically in the past five years. Events like the Ahmad Arbray murder, the pandemic, and the April 13th, 2023 Pinova Hercules explosion are pieces of lived experiences that should be captured and archived.

With this in mind, we are hosting a first-ever StoryCorps-A-Thon in Glynn & McIntosh counties. Founded by Dave Isay, StoryCorps records and preserves the voices of everyday people, one conversation at a time (

This event is a free, intergenerational event that is opened to the public. The goal is to collect local stories using the StoryCorps app to be archived in the Library of Congress. This is an effort to encourage residents to share their memories to preserve oral histories. In this effort, we are working to create other historical preservationists interested in learning how to begin their personal archiving work no matter of age, orientation, or race.